To understand the role of emotions in politics, neurosciences can become as decisive as social sciences.


Currently, there are more women than men studying at university, and women in prominent positions in areas such as politics, economics or science. Although the times in which they suffered unfair situations seem to be left behind, full equality is still not achieved. These differences are often interpreted as symptoms that society continues to discriminate against women, but is that true?



More than 500 million citizens are part of the European Union today. We are the largest donor in the world in humanitarian aid, one of the three most powerful economies on the planet, the first commercial partner and the first foreign investor in most of the countries of the world.


Why do people so often ​make ​use ​of ​distorting lies? Why do they spread so quickly? Why are liers so succesful? What can we do to protect technological advances and social benefits from the effects of these mystifications? Which tools do we have to deal with them?