Gifted women, fragile men

Claire Lehmann: Stress and the Paradox of Female Happiness

Since the 1960s women have entered the workforce and have achieved financial independence. It has become socially acceptable to leave unhappy marriages.

Rob Whitley and Victoria Carmichael: Suicide in Men, A Pan-National Epidemic

Suicide is a serious public health issue across Europe. In fact, certain European Union (EU) countries (such as Slovenia, Lithuania and Hungary) have some of the highest reported suicide rates in the world (Eurostat, 2016a). Across the European Union, men make up approximately 75% of all suicides (Eurostat, 2016a).

Steve Stewart-Williams: The Science of Human Sex Differences: Implications for Policy on Gender Equity

Gender equity is one of the most widely discussed and hotly contested political issues of our time. Of the many topics which fall under the gender equity banner, three have attracted the lion’s share of attention.

Benjamin Hine: Challenging the Gendered Discourse of Domestic Violence, Comments on the Istanbul Convention

The Istanbul Convention (Council of Europe, 2017) is arguably a landmark policy, designed to tackle domestic violence across the continent.

Adolf Tobeña: Feminine and masculine brains: from talents to pugnacity styles

The most common notion about gender hiatuses today is that cognitive differences between women and men are minimal and superfluous.

Adolf Tobeña: Unequals

Some prominent words enclose and spread a myth, while carrying a great potential for confusion. “Equality” is one of them.

Nicola Graham-Kevan: The Gendered Perspective of Domestic (Intimate Partner) Violence, A Review of the Evidence

The gender perspective of domestic violence between intimate partners (subsequently termed ‘domestic violence’ in this article) largely views domestic violence as a problem of men’s violence towards women.

Brian D. Earp and Rebecca Steinfeld: Gender and Genital Cutting, A New Paradigm

Moral and legal opposition to the non-therapeutic cutting of children’s genitals has traditionally focused almost exclusively on females.

Roberto Colom: ¿Quiénes alcanzan la cima en las sociedades democráticas?

La Psicología Diferencial ha estudiado durante décadas las semejanzas y diferencias de naturaleza psicológica en distintas poblaciones o grupos humanos.

Ambrosio García Leal: (Spanish) Cerebros sexuados: ¿biología o biologismo?

En las últimas décadas han proliferado los informes de dimorfismos sexuales en los cerebros de una amplia variedad de especies, incluida, por supuesto, la humana.