About us

About Euromind

Euromind is a meeting forum for scientists and humanists in the European Parliament created by European MEP Teresa Giménez Barbat. We provide a platform for the dialogue between science and politics at the frontiers of knowledge, with the potential to transform society.

Our basic principals are four:

1   A “ Third culture”

To facilitate a conversation between scientific and humanistic cultures. Even though science alone can’t guide society, we think that this conversation will help the governments to adopt wiser decisions for the benefit of citizenship.

2 Scientific skepticism

the systematic practice of questioning all claims and proposals that are not supported by empirical, verifiable and reproducible research. Many political notions clearly unsupported by the scientific scrutiny – fueled instead by ideological preferences or personal interests –, are not only wrong, but harmful for the interest of public wellbeing.

3 Academic Diversity

We are committed to the promotion of freethought and academic diversity to ensure that all options and enquiries are represented in the process of science as the more advanced way of dealing with social issues.

4 European Commitment

A compromise with the construction of a Common European Identity, opposed to exclusionary nationalisms and fundamentalisms, and favorable to the promotion of a secular humanist thinking, respectful towards the cultural and religious (or nonreligious) plurality of all citizens.

Advisory committee


Félix Ares

Computer Science professor. University of the Basque Country. Science writer


Paul Cliteur

Professor of Jurisprudence, Leiden University (the Netherlands)


Roberto Colom

Professor of psychology and Health biology. Universidad Autónoma de Madrid


Arcadi Espada



David Galadí-Enríquez

Astronomer. Observatory of Calar Alto

Luis Garicano

Luis Garicano

Economist and politician

Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Essayist. Member of the Future of Diplomacy Project at Harvard Kennedy School


Susana Martinez-Conde

Neuroscientist . Director of the Laboratory of Integrative Neuroscience, Downstate Medical Center. Professor at State University of New York


Maryam Namazie

Council of ex muslims of Britain


Robert Redeker

Writer and professor of philosophy


Pilar Ruiz-Lapuente

Astrophysicist. University of Barcelona


Fernando Savater


michael shermer

Michael Shermer

Editor of the Skeptical Enquire


Adolf Tobeña

Professor of Medical Psychology and Psychiatry. Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona


Manuel Toharia

Science writer


Gabriel Tortella

Emeritus professor of Economics, University of Alcalá


Alejo Vidal-Quadras

Physicist and politician


Ibn Warraq


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