Understanding intimate partner violence against men

Euromind hosts the publishing of a scientific study reviewing international evidence about intimate partner violence against men. On december 1st, the study was published on the Euromind website (euromind.global).

The study is authored by following Joaquim Soares, PhD and professor in psychology and public health sciences, Gloria Macassa, MD, Professor in public health sciences and epidemiology, Örjan Sundin, PhD and professor in psychology and finally, Nicola Graham-Kevan, PhD, MSc Forensic Psychology, BSc Psychology with Law and professor psychology.

The study’s results, presented Joaquim Soares and Nicole Graham-Kevan, are oriented to MEPs, their Parliamentary Committees related to these areas, as well as representatives of the European Commission. Psycologist Marta Iglesias will also contribute speaking on aggression from an evolutionary point of view.

Study of Nicola Graham-Kevan. Exposure to IPV in childhood. Download here.

Study of Joaquim Soares. Men too are victims of intimate partner violence. Download here.