Reason and emotion in politics


This event analizes the rol of emotions in politics and we have invited a Psychologist and a social scientist to achieve this goal. Dr Enrique Echeburúa will talk about fanaticism and the rol of emotions in the political sphere.

The title of his talk is Genesis of political fanaticism: ideas, beliefs and emotions. From the social sciences, Sophie Lecheler will talk about the impact of positive and negative political emotions amplified by media coverage. Her talk will be focused on the process of European integration. The title of her talk is Emotions, Politics and News: The Power of the Positive?

The event will be presented and moderated by neuroscientist Ignacio Morgado.


15.30 Presentation by Teresa Giménez Barbat MEP (ALDE group) and Miriam Tey

15.45 Enrique Echeburúa: Genesis of political fanaticism: ideas, beliefs and emotions

16.30 Sophie Lecheler: Emotions, Politics and News: The Power of the Positive?

17.00 Debate moderated by Ignacio Morgado

17.30 Conclusion

Miriam Tey

She is founder and collaborator of the cultural association CLAC (Centro Libre. Arte y Cultura). She is Vice-President of Societat Cívica Catalana (SCC). She is a member of the board Grupo de Periodistas Pi i Margall, Concordia Civica and Hermes Foundation. She has been editor. She has been director of the Spanish Institute of Women. She has collaborated in different media.

Ignacio Morgado

He is Professor of psychobiology and director of the Institute of Neurosciences at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB). He has published La fábrica de las emociones: conocernos más para ser mejores (2015), and Cómo sentimos el mundo: una exploración de la mente y de los sentidos (2012).


Enrique Echeburúa 

He is a Professor of Clinical Psychology at the Faculty of Psychology of the University of the Basque Country. He is a researcher at the Center for Biomedical Research in the Mental Health Network. He has published for example Vivir sin violencia (2002) or Superar un trauma (2004).


Sophie Lecheler

She is Professor of scientific and political communication at the University of Vienna. She is interested in the processing of news and political journalism. She has published several articles in international political science journals. She is coautor of Introduction to News Framing Effects Research: Theory and Practice (2018).