Do Europeans exist?

(Spanish) Presentación: Hacia una identidad europea. De Teresa Giménez Barbat

Más de 500 millones de ciudadanos forman parte hoy de la Unión Europea. Somos el mayor donante mundial en ayuda humanitaria, una de las tres economías más poderosas del planeta, el primer socio comercial y el primer inversor exterior en la mayoría de los países del globo. 

Maryam Namazie: Confronting Islamism with Secularism

A future Europe must be secular. By secularism I mean the complete separation of religion from the state (and not the British version of equal tolerance for religions, which breeds communalism).

Professor Anthony Grayling: On Being European

Is there such a thing as a European culture, a European mind, a European sensibility, a European character? Is there such a thing as a European?

Mark van Vugt: The Social Psychology of Brexit

Europe is in shock. After a tight majority of Brits chose to step out of the European Union, the question is “What’s next?

Peter Turchin: Deep Historical Roots of European Values, Institutions, and Identities

The grand project of European integration is failing. Signs of dysfunction abound: from Greece’s debt debacle to the immigration crisis and now “Brexit”.

Nigel Warburton: Choosing to be European

Each of us has many potential identities, some overlapping, some discrete, many compatible without contradiction.

Yolanda Gómez: Do Europeans Exist?

From the establishment of the European Communities until the Lisbon Treaty – the last amending treaty to date – we saw the consolidation of the unique phenomenon of the construction of a Europe united…

Camilo José Cela Conde: Do Europeans Exist?

The question in the title is an ambiguous one. If we take it literally, the answer is simple: of course Europeans exist!

Adolf Tobeña: More than a club

The European Union is much more than a club, but it is also much less than a nation or a state. Everyone is clear about this distinction and hence derives

Alexander Yakobson: European identity, European Union and European statehood

The idea of Europe as a historical and cultural entity – an over-arching identity of its various peoples – is, in many ways, a plausible one. It is certainly plausible to me as an historian of Ancient Rome.

Philip T. Hoffman: Building a European Identity: Obstacles and Opportunities

Today there really is no such thing as a European identity.  True, young people may view themselves as European, and so perhaps do some EU officials and members of the European Parliament.

Robin Dunbar: An ideal community?

The modern world is challenging. Most of us now live in very large states that far exceed the scale for which our social psychology has been designed.

Frans De Waal: Being European

Despite having lived and worked continuously in the USA for the past 35 years, I still feel very European. I am of Dutch origin, married to a French woman, and visit Europe several times a year.